Hybrid Comfort Systems Make Comfort Personal

(NAPS) - With energy costs on the rise, homeowners are looking for ways to save money on their heating bills without sacrificing their family's comfort. Thankfully, there are choices.

Hybrid comfort systems, sometimes referred to as dual-fuel systems, offer homeowners the option of switching between two heating technologies to provide the most comfortable indoor air and the chance to save money on cold weather utility bills.

During mild days, an electric heat pump can be used as the primary heat source, and on the coldest days, when outdoor temperatures drop to a point where the heat pump is no longer efficient, a high-efficiency gas furnace, instead of an electric resistance heater, provides supplemental heat.

This hybrid, or dual-fuel, system helps ensure comfortable indoor temperatures while balancing the utility load between electricity and natural gas for the most economical operation.

According to experts at Johnson Controls, this pairing of systems can provide homeowners with more personalized comfort and save them up to 40 percent on their energy bills by taking advantage of the most economical source of heat based on weather patterns.

Additional savings can be realized when homeowners apply and qualify for utility incentives and federal tax credits. Replacing parts and making costly repairs are lessened because the life of each unit is extended due to selected use.

In addition, the outdoor heat pump can provide high-efficiency air-conditioning during hot weather-another key benefit of the hybrid system approach.

Some systems, such as the York&@174 Hybrid Comfort System, which consists of an Affinity™ 8T (18 SEER, or Season Energy Efficiency Ratio) Series Heat Pump and matching Affinity Furnace, qualify for a limited lifetime compressor warranty and a 10-year system parts warranty, offering even more savings for homeowners.

For more information on heat pumps, furnaces and hybrid comfort systems, visit www.yorkupg.com/affinity or call (800) 910-YORK.

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